Cell - Basic Unit of life | Science | Class 9 | Part1

Cell – Basic Unit of life



Cell: Cell is the most structural, fundamental & functional unit of life. All living organisms constitutes cells. The cell is known as the most basic unit of life.

Characteristics of Cells :

  • Cells are too small units
  • Cells have an independent existence.
  • Carry out all the functions required for a living being

True nucleus: Membrane around DNA & RNA found in some organisms which are called a true nucleus.


Prokaryotic CellEukaryotic Cell   
True nucleus is absent True nucleus is present
Primitive & incomplete cells Advanced & complete cells
Prokaryotes are always unicellular organisms.  Eukaryotes can be both unicellular & multicellular Organisms.
Eg. Blue green algaeEg. Human body

Cell Discovery

Discovered by Robert Hooke in 1665

Observation :

1.Organisms are composed of small compartments just like a honeycomb.

2.These compartments are named as cells by him after comparing honeycomb with these small compartments.

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