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About the artist

Mr. Karan Gangwani is a passionate artist in sketching & painting. He leaves no stone unturned in his art.

Mr. Gangwani is always ready to create a beautiful picture on the spot. He has been given this talent by God since his childhood. He sketches living beings which includes humans, animals, birds & even microorganisms as well & never forget to draw a live environmental scenario into his art.

At this young age of 19 years, he has the talent of a trained professional. He could be the next M.F Husain. Mr. Karan Gangwani is a great professional artist full of life.


Mr. Gangwani’s art speaks a lot. He creates sketches & paintings in a mesmerizing way after which everyone gets attracted to his adorable art.


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Beautiful: Just Like Original !!!

Mr. Gangwani has got this talent in heredity from his father Mr. Kamal Gangwani who is an art professional in a big brand named Shree Ram B.R Global.






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Aaah!!! Zayn Malik

Art by Karan Gangwani


Mr. Karan Gangwani is born on 16th August 2001 in a small district named Sirsa, Haryana – 125055.

His great talent has a way to progress on. He will have a lot of opportunities waiting for him where he can shine.


Hobbies: Mr. Karan is a fashion lover as well. He dresses so well in an incredible way. He loves to sketch various kinds of fresh & creative design dresses. For that, we need to request again to Mr. Gangwani so that he can provide us with some more pictures of his incredible art. I Will update you guys soon.


                                      ” In other words, we can say Karan is a fashionista Artist “



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If you want to have an amazing & creative sketch ready in a short span of time. You guys can contact Mr. Karan Gangwani to his contact number. His contact details are shared in the description box of this Youtube video.

The description also contains tools & craft used by Mr. Karan. You guys can also buy those amazing products to draw a beautiful sketch.

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